A Salt Lake City Teacher Embraces Furry Identity: Dutch Angel Dragon

A Salt Lake City Teacher Embraces Furry Identity: Dutch Angel Dragon


A teacher in Salt Lake City claims to be furry in the evening. He identifies himself as Dutch Angel Dragon. The woman is Flint (22). In an interview with Caters, Flint admitted that he had hidden his passion for being furry for fear of being seen negatively.

Furries are known for dressing up as cartoon animals, sometimes as a sexual fetish, but more often as an escape. It is estimated that at least 250,000 people in the US identify as furries.

Collect NY PostMonday (25/9/2023) sometimes, this pre-school teacher makes costumes for fellow furries and sells them online for USD 1,200 or around Rp. 18 million per piece.

“I started this hobby in the winter of 2020, but since I was 12 years old, I have been cosplaying and making costumes,” explains Flint.

A teacher in Salt Lake City admits to being a furry at night. He identifies himself as Dutch Angel Dragon. Photo: Caters

“I’ve always made clothes for myself; my mom taught me how to sew early on, but I wanted to challenge myself, so online, I looked around, and I saw other people making these,” she continued.

Flint said that he initially considered furry is very strange and avoids calling himself that, even though he likes dressing up as animals. Now, the Utah native has finally accepted the label and found the courage to go public. Flint also hopes that revealing his after-school hobby will further remove the stigma against furries.

“Please find out. If you don’t, then you are ignorant because you don’t want to know. This community is full of extraordinary people who are intelligent and kind. Please give us a chance,” he said.

Previously, there was also an uproar among people whose hobby was becoming dogs complete with costumes. That person is Toco, a man from Japan. However, Toco is identified as a ‘therian’, not a furry. Although some furries are also therians, and vice versa, the two are different things.

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