A Russian military base may appear in Serbia

A Russian military base may appear in Serbia, which will perform various intelligence tasks and monitor the areaaccording to Russian military expert and historian Boris Yulin, as reported by the widely read Russian portal Lenta.ru, owned by Sberbank since 2020. This information has been widely commented on in Serbian and other Balkan media.

The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Russia in Belgrade Alexander Botsan-Kharchenko, the portal writes, spoke about this, saying that “Russian military bases in Serbia are a sovereign matter for that country“. Moreover, as he adds, this is Russia’s own problem.

“As for the joint humanitarian center, it exists and functions to respond to crises in the event of a humanitarian catastrophe,” Lenta.ru quoted Botsan-Kharchenko as saying.

Military expert Yulin points out that it is not entirely clear what the benefit of the military base in Serbia will be.

“The fact is that the bases are usually located near areas of possible military action. But in Serbia, territorially, it will be completely cut off from Russia and surrounded from all sides by EU countries and partly by NATO countries. It is not clear how in this case it is possible to concentrate forces and secure the baseYulin points out.

The only possible purpose for creating such a base, according to this Russian expert, is “reconnaissance mission and surveillance of the surrounding space“, or rather intelligence gathering.

He also adds that “the European Union may begin to perceive Serbia as a likely source of threat in the event of a conflict,” which would create unpleasant consequences for Belgrade.

Earlier, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Serbia Alexander Vulin, the Russian portal reminds, said that Serbia is an independent and sovereign state and does not want to interfere in the conflicts between Russia and the West, and especially does not want to become a “foot soldier of NATO”.

“If you want to stick to territorial integrity and sovereignty as the most important principle in international politics, which I think it is, leave Serbia. First withdraw the recognition of Kosovo, then say: ‘I’m sorry, Serbia is whole, we were wrong to bomb you, we’re sorry for all your children we killed, we’re sorry we did this to you, starting with righting our wrongs.

And not to ask Serbia to be a foot soldier of NATO, to enter into a conflict with Russia,” Vulin said in early July, stressing that entering the war is not an option.

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In relation to NATO’s readiness to intervene in Northern Kosovo

This information appears in the background of the recent incidents in North Kosovo, where the Serbian minority lives. The Prime Minister of the youngest Balkan country, Albin Kurti, stated that there is a danger of a new conflict between Kosovo and Serbiathat is, from a new war in the Western Balkans.

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