A rule error tainted the match Clermont – Castres

The manager of Clermont, Christophe Urios as well as many supporters have certainly learned a new rule this weekend, during the match between Clermont and Castres Olympique.

Victim shortly after entering the game of a high tackle which earned the Tarnais center Andrea Cocagi a yellow card, the young scrum-half Clermontois Baptiste Jauneau was directed by the independent doctor to the locker room to be submitted to the concussion protocol.

But when he had answered all the questions and was about to return to the field, Jauneau was prevented from doing so, causing a stoppage in play that no one understood at the time.

Questioned after the meeting via Midi Olympique, Christophe Urios admitted to having discovered a new rule. Extract:

“I found out about this rule live: when they leave on suspicion of concussion, players under 20 cannot come back into play.

Except that according to At the time of Rugbythere was an error.

Indeed, no regulation stipulates that this point of regulation applies to a player under 20 years of age.

This regulation would only apply to players under the age of 19 and therefore not considered seniors.

However, Baptiste Jauneau being 19 years old, the Clermontois could logically have continued the meeting.

Philippe Marguin, federal manager in charge of French arbitration spoke via Actu Rugby. Extract:

” It is a mistake. When a player is over 19, he is considered a Senior. He therefore follows the regulations in the event of a concussion exit. »

This had no consequence since Clermont won with the offensive bonus.

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