A roller coaster of temperatures will bring heat and cold in the same week

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A roller coaster of temperatures will bring heat and cold in the same week

Beaches and parks full, short sleeves, ice cream… We are at the gates of the beginning of spring, but it already seems like summer in many areas of spain. This weekYes, it will be necessary to take out the coats on time, since a storm will collapse the thermometer, to later give way to a new rise. In other words, a real temperature roller coaster. Which day will be the coldest and which will be the warmest?

This weekend we reached the 31.8 degrees in Elche (Alicante) and 31.1ºC in Xátiva (Valencia), and we had the first tropical nights (when the night temperature does not drop below 20 degrees) in Pego (Alicante) or Pollença (Mallorca), something very rare for the month of March. In addition, temperature records were broken in Castellón and Palma.

The images left by the summer heat in Spain

Temperatures plummet in Spain on Tuesday

This week anticyclonic weather awaits us, although the storms will cause some showers in the far north of the Peninsula, has advanced the spokesman for the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), Rubén del Campo.

This Tuesday we are going to notice a drop in temperatures that could be “extraordinary”, says Del Campo, which means that it could be 10 degrees or more compared to the day before. Zaragoza will go from almost 30 degrees that he did on Monday afternoon to less than 20 degrees on Tuesday. It will be one of the coldest days of the week.

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Contrast between the maximum temperatures of Monday and those of TuesdayCesar Rodriguez Ballesteros

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Temperatures will plummet 10 degrees suddenly this Tuesday

Thursday will be a very hot day

“Although They will go up again on Wednesday and again on Thursday, Therefore, a temperate environment will be maintained in the central hours of the day,” says the Aemet expert.

The maximums on Thursday will once again be around 25 ºC in Madrid, Zaragoza, Bilbao or Santander; will make around 27 ºC in Andalusia, Extremadura and Castilla-La Mancha, and instead it will not be a day as hot as the previous ones in the Mediterranean. It is expected that in Valencia, Murcia or Almería it will be between 22 and 26 ºC.

Maximum temperatures forecast for Thursday 16Cesar Rodriguez Ballesteros

The nights will be cooler than in the previous days, therefore there will be quite a difference between day and night, especially in areas of the interior of the peninsula. Even there will be some areas where it will freeze again this week.

The weather will change radically over the weekend due to a storm

Friday will come a squall which will cause a time change in Spain.

It will rain a lot in Galicia and around the Central system. In the Mediterranean regions you can continue to enjoy the sun and walks on the beach, and the temperatures will not vary much at the weekend.

The most significant thing on Friday will be the clear temperature drop that will continue on Saturday. That day, Saturday, It will be less than 18 ºC in most of Spain, and 22 ºC will be exceeded in points of Andalusia, the Mediterranean coast and in the Ebro valley, as well as the archipelagos. At night it will be time to bundle up: the minimum temperature will drop below 7ºC in almost the entire country.

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Maximum temperatures forecast for Friday and SaturdayCesar Rodriguez Ballesteros

Temperatures will rise again on Sunday

“Although temperatures could rise again on sunday”, said the Aemet spokesman. This rise is expected to be up to 8 degrees, so we will once again exceed 20-22 ºC in a good part of Spain, and we will be around 25 in the Guadalquivir valley and points to the east, such as the province of Murcia.

There will be temperatures to end the week around normal values ​​or slightly higher than usual for these dates.

Maximum temperature forecast for Sunday 19Cesar Rodriguez Ballesteros

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