A river of money is making Piazza Affari and other European stock exchanges take off

On the European stock exchanges rising fever is rising. Perhaps in one of the most difficult times for the European economy, equity markets have started to race. Capital from large investors, funds, investment banks, etc. is starting to arrive.

A river of money is making Piazza Affari and other European stock exchanges take off. Capital that is moving from the American market to European lists and it is a move that could last weeks, probably months.

Today all the world stock exchanges have risen

It is hard to find a price list that today has a minus sign. And it is paradoxical to think that over the weekend of the G20 there was a concern that economic growth could slow down. The fear of the Big 20 is that the pandemic will drag the world into a new recession in the coming months.

Meanwhile, the stock exchanges are rising driven by two decisive factors. First, there is an abundance of liquidity in circulation that has yet to find a place. Second, economic difficulties are likely to push central banks to inject further liquidity into the system, particularly the American one.

This is why a flood of money is making Piazza Affari and other European stock exchanges take off. And to enjoy these huge capital, in the coming months will be the stock exchanges that have run less. Among these is Piazza Affari, which for a few days has run more than all the lists of the Old Continent.

Piazza Affari stands out in Europe with a 2% gain

It happened again today. The Ftse Mib index (INDEX:FTSEMIB), finished with a 2% gain at 22.145 points. The big news of today’s session is that the index has also put behind the threshold of 22 thousand points.

Now the index is starting to target 25 thousand points, the annual maximum level reached in February, before the pandemic brought down prices. The next target of the index is 22,480 points.

Accompanying the rise in the Ftse Mib were mainly banks and energy stocks. Today, the two largest banking groups have made significant gains.

Unicredit, previously reported by the Experts of the ProiezionidiBorsa Studies Office, gained over 5%. Intesa Sanpaolo increased by 2.8%. Energy stocks also rose sharply, in the wake of the jump in oil prices. Saipem was the best blue chip stock with an 8% gain.


This the multidays analysis and the analysis of international markets by the ProiezionidiBorsa Research Department.

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