A retro car was smashed in an unauthorized event in Ogre

“There were too many people, not so many to gather. But Covid-19 is,” says a local, noting that both squares were full.

The event ran in full swing until the morning. Under the guise of darkness, a fight broke out among the visitors, which the municipal police officers were forced to resolve. Someone has also perpetuated the brawl on social networks. The State Police has also initiated two administrative violation proceedings against the event organizer – one for non-coordinated organization of the event and the other for non-compliance with epidemiological safety requirements to limit the spread of Covid-19 infection.

According to “Degpunkta”, a retro car driver was unlucky because he had entered a tree with it. The accident is immortalized in a video that has hit social networks. It was from them that law enforcement officers also learned about the accident, because it was not reported to the police.

“The State Police has initiated an administrative violation process for leaving the scene of a traffic accident,” the police said.

One of the event attendees, Rashid, regrets the crashed car. The vehicle was very valuable.

“The car is very unfortunate, very beautiful. The tree is not unfortunate. The car was something like the Cadillac” Eldorado “. Six meters, three tons, 60’s and 70’s,” says Rashid.

Another visitor to the event, Dennis, doubts that the driver was under the influence of alcohol. “I think something happened to the car, I wouldn’t want anyone to hit such a car.”

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