A request from FC Porto to consult the process accusing César Boaventura has been released.

Francisco J. Marques revealed, this Tuesday, on the Porto Canal, that FC Porto issued, today, a request “to consult the process” regarding the decision of the Court of Criminal Instruction to bring football businessman César Boaventura to trial in scope of the ‘Operação Malapata’ process in the “exact terms of the indictment” of the Public Ministry. “FC Porto has already requested the consultation of the process. After analysis, decisions will be taken by our legal department and, in due time, after assessing what can be done in relation to the fact that Benfica has been cleared, FC Porto will say something”, said the director of communication for the dragons, already after having regretted Sporting’s silence in the face of this case. “Sporting is also frowned upon in this whole process, so often a victim of these scams and has remained in an unacceptable silence”, shot Marques.

“It is no surprise to anyone that César Boaventura is accused of sporting corruption. It has long been said that he was one of the people who mediated the influence over players in some Benfica games. players. All of this leaves him and Benfica in a lot of trouble, despite Benfica having been exonerated because of the issue of liability of legal persons. According to the prosecutor, if César Boaventura were an employee of Benfica it would be different, but that seems I find it strange. At least, for now, Benfica escapes accusation, but it does not escape public judgment and shame, because we all know that César Boaventura wasn’t doing this because something crossed his mind and he decided to help Benfica and bribe players”, continued J. Marques, who asks that justice be done also in the sporting field.

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“We are dealing with someone who bribes players to lose against Benfica, sports justice will have to act in some way. If it is true, as it seems to be, it must act with a very severe punishment”, he suggested, and then concluded later: “Conhecer – if this is to give more merit and value to the work of Pinto da Costa, Sérgio Conceição and our players… We don’t just fight against opponents, we also fight against these scams.”

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