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The Hernando Siles stadium will present its best clothes to receive a new version of the Copa Libertadores. The playing field underwent a series of treatments prior to the start of the season and the people in charge of maintenance refine some details for tomorrow’s game between Nacional Potosí and El Nacional de Ecuador (20:00).

Juan Méndez, responsible for lawn care, explained that the turf of the redoubt was reinforced to avoid mishaps with the rains and that useless material was also removed so that the lawn can take better advantage of the nutrients.

“We made several holes on the field to make the drainage system work better, which worked well over the weekend in the match between The Strongest and Universitario de Vinto. The drainage is fine, the problems we had before were from the sewer, they are issues that are being addressed,” Méndez said.

He also said that the “eschar” was removed, a material that gathers in the upper layer of the earth that prevents water from filtering and fertilization from being more efficient.

This morning the grass was cut to two centimeters, “as required by Conmebol”, and the sports field was also delimited, which will be repeated tomorrow morning, hours before the game.

“The people from Conmebol tested the backup generators, we don’t believe there are problems in the inspection because well-known people who already know how we work arrived,” Méndez reinforced.

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