a redesign for the Mac Messages app?

Apple would prepare a complete overhaul of the Mac Messages application, claim our colleagues from9To5Macfollowing a discovery within an internal beta version of iOS 14. Apple would use the tools of Catalyst (exMarzipan project) to port the iOS application to the Mac. The Messages application would thus gain many features already present on the iPhone, such as extensions, stickers and visual effects.

This new feature should logically take place within macOS 10.16, whose presentation is expected for theWWDC 2020next June 22. Developer Steve Troughton-Smith had already foundtraces of this upcoming overhaulin a beta version of macOS 10.15 last year, but Apple ultimately didn’t launch it. This revised and corrected application could be accompanied by new developments, such as perhaps the possibility of quoting people in group conversations or a functionality allowing to withdraw a message sent in error (learn more).

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