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The national government plans a new flight to Moscow for the weekendAlthough the accent these days is on vaccinating as much as possible with the million and a half doses that arrived during the days of Easter. The Province of Buenos Aires calculates to finish vaccinating all those over 70, added those over 60 with risk diseases, between April 15 and 17. In CABA, people over 70 began to be vaccinated this Wednesday and the shifts last until the middle of next week, that is, also on April 15. After half a month, both jurisdictions will face the titanic mission of vaccinating those between 60 and 69: only in the Buenos Aires district there are a million people. In any case, those over 60 should be vigilant because around 15 citations can begin to arrive. At the Casa Rosada they foresee that in the second half of April the two million pending doses of Sinopharm will arrive, 900,000 doses of Oxford / AstraZéneca and there will be at least three other flights to Moscow.


Cambiemos’s anti-vaccination speech did not hit even in his home district, CABA. Virtually everyone over 70, for example, signed up to get vaccinated. The citations began to grant shifts from this Wednesday and, in total, in the 70 to 79 age range, more than 200,000 porteños of the 210,000 that are reported by the Indec registered. According to the Buenos Aires authorities, some 100,000 people from the 70 to 74 age group have yet to be vaccinated and the logic is that all receive the summons to be vaccinated before next Wednesday.

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In the Province of Buenos Aires the numbers are of a different dimension. There are 900,000 people over the age of 70 and, furthermore, by order of the Buenos Aires Ministry of Health, led by Daniel Gollán, the vaccination period includes people over 60 with comorbidities, some of them very widespread such as diabetes. Therefore, those over 60 with comorbidities are no less than 410,000. According to La Plata, they will finish vaccinating this strip in the next seven to ten days, that is, between April 15 and 17.

There is still a hard mountain to climb for the second half of the month:

* Province of Buenos Aires has more than one million citizens between 60 and 69 years old.

* In CABA there are about 300,000 porteños from that strip and, as announced by Luana Volnovich, head of PAMI, the social work of retirees will provide an extra amount of vaccines that will serve to compensate for the high proportion of older adults in the city.

In both districts, Province of Buenos Aires and CABA, they affirm that “everything depends on having the vaccines”, but if the supply is good, They could finish giving the first dose by the end of April, as mentioned by President Alberto Fernández. In that case, there would be an initial immunization of the eight million Argentines who are at risk age.

In principle, if things go well, those over 60 would have to wait for citations from dates close to the middle of the month.


After the arrival of three flights from Moscow in the last ten days, trips to find Sputnik V would resume this weekend. Those who do the management, Minister Carla Vizzotti and presidential advisor Cecilia Nicolini, affirm that there is nothing confirmed, but everything is being prepared for a new crossing of one of the Airbus of Aerolineas Argentinas.

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For after April 15, the departure and arrival of two Airlines flights are expected to seek the doses of Sinopharm, the Chinese vaccines. As is known, a contract for three million doses has been signed and one million has been reached so far, but apparently it is agreed that the rest will be in Ezeiza in the second half of April.

Also after the 15th, 900,000 doses of Oxford / AstraZéneca will arrive. The vaccines come from the United States because there were problems in the Liomont laboratory in Mexico, which will deliver the doses for May, but not those for April. The United States prohibits the export of vaccines – it wants them for its population – but in this case they are doses that cannot be used in the northern country because much of it was produced in the mAbxienxe laboratory, which does not have the approval of the authorities of the North American FDA. So there is no generous gesture from anyone, but rather the fact that they cannot be applied in the United States. As Astra / Zéneca informed the government, 3,500,000 doses will come in May, with the final stage in Liomont de Mexico.

In the framework of the global battle for vaccines, Argentina received more than seven million doses and, what is now a priority, 6,200,000 doses 1. The policies of the central countries to appropriate all existing vaccines have a strong impact on the rest of humanity. In the Argentine case, one of the examples is that 1,160,000 doses of Oxford / AstraZéneca produced by the Serum Institute of India under the Covishield brand were contracted. However, only 580,000 arrived. The government of India prohibited the shipment of the other 580,000 doses, because vaccination of the citizens of that country was prioritized.

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And also, under pressure from the central countries, the laboratories are turning their backs on the Covax program (collaboration + vaccines, in English) of the World Health Organization. That’s why the government has little expectation of a promise that Covax will ship 400,000 doses of the Oxford / AstraZéneca vaccine in April. The vaccines should come from Korea, perhaps with a stopover in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, but everything is very doubtful.

Even with all the difficulties, the prospect is that the flow of vaccines will continue, centered on flights from Moscow. Logic indicates that at least three could be completed in the remaining April. To that we must add what would come from China and those that would come from USA-Mexico. The Alberto Fernández administration continues to search for more alternatives -Cuba, other Chinese vaccines, intermediation of the United Arab Emirates-, always with the same objective: to complete the eight million vaccinated before April 30.


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