A record of the League’s CA leaked


Friday 03 July 2020 11:57 – Article written by La Rdaction – Comment on this article

Amiens SC continues its fight. Condemned to relegation to Ligue 2 by the early cessation of Ligue 1, the club chaired by Bernard Joannin moves heaven and earth to obtain justice. The Somme club saw in the refusal of a League 2 to 22 clubs by the LFP a hope to fly away but did not give up.

The club has indeed filed a new appeal with the Council of State following the “non-compliance by the LFP of the injunction of the judge of the summary proceedings of the Council of State of June 9 to review the format of the League 1 Championship for the 2020-2021 season and the lack of impartiality of the LFP in the reexamination of this file “yesterday declared the club.

The LFP does not want to upset its calendar

A recording of the LFP Board of Directors on June 26 leaked and The Parisian was able to get it. In this one, the LFP confirms to retake an exercise to 22 clubs because of the calendar as declared by the director of the competitions of the LFP Arnaud Rouger. “Going back on the calendar and shifting the date of the first day is not possible. This was explained during our litigation on the question of 20 or 22 clubs.”

The LFP therefore takes the calendar as an argument, untenable for the club of Bernard Joannin who emphasizes that the abolition of the League Cup will release certain dates from the calendar. The two other arguments, relating to the health of the players in the event of an overloaded calendar and to a financial loss which would cause a Ligue 1 in 22 clubs, were also dismantled by Amiens.

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