A real estate project with 29 residential units planned rue de Rechèvres, in Chartres

It is a vast space of almost 8,000 m² now completely empty, located along the rue de Rechèvres and the Petit-Rachigny path. The houses that had been installed on this site since the first half of the 20th century and which formed the Rechèvres estate, were destroyed just before the summer of 2022.

A real estate program is, in fact, to be established on this site in the coming months. A project led by promoter Windsor, based in the Yvelines.

Housing destroyed before summer 2022, rue de Rechèvres, as part of the new Windsor property program in Chartres.

The president, Agnès Bonnet, describes in detail the vocation of this program: “It is an operation carried out in collaboration with the real estate development of Chartres. The will of the elected officials, for this residential district, is to preserve the individual housing and favor a suburban urban fabric as it can exist today, for this reason twenty-nine housing units are planned”.

Four, five and six pieces

Maroun Bahout, Development Director of Windsor, provides an update on the progress of the project:

“In this place there were old houses that belonged to the SNCF, built almost a century ago. Chartres Métropole habitat, a social landlord, was working on a housing creation project. The relocation proposals, for the tenants who lived here, they were built over a period of one and a half years. Two dwellings are still occupied on the land. The Chartres Métropole habitat takes time to support the inhabitants who were there, it is not a matter of rushing people. Agreements have been reached .”

The real estate programme, rue du Faubourg-la-Grappe, is launched in Chartres

The program should be launched concretely early next year, underlines Agnès Bonnet: “We will start commercialization in the first half of January 2023. The idea is to acquire land from the Chartres Métropole habitat when possible, towards the end of the first trimester, to start working immediately afterwards. For delivery in 2024, hopefully. »

What housing types are envisaged? “They will be houses of four, five and six rooms, from 84 m2 to 135 m2, says the president. With six models according to requests. All units have outdoor space. A private road inside. But it’s too early to talk about prices. The location is brilliant. This is considered a premium position. This responds to a request from families.

Simone Dechet

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