A rare natural phenomenon appears on the beach of Cyprus, fascinated tourists

Agia Napa

A beautiful beach in Cyprus is attacked by a rare natural phenomenon, namely Water trumpet. The tourists who were relaxing on the beach were confused by him.

Phenomenon water trumpet hit the coast of Ayia Napa in Cyprus last week. From the amateur video footage circulating on social media, it can be seen that the dimensions of the Waterspout are quite huge.

Like a hurricane, the trumpet of water swirled from the ocean to the shore. Tourists freaked out after being hit by a water trumpet. Water trumpet it made sea water and beach sand fly in all directions, forcing tourists to immediately run for cover.

Fortunately, the water trumpet phenomenon on Ayia Napa beach appeared not so long ago. Only about 1 minute. After that, the situation returned to normal under control. Tourists have returned to continue their holiday activities as usual.

“Nobody was hurt,” said a representative of Luxury Lets Cyprus, who first posted the water bugle on Instagram.

Water trumpet it is a rare natural phenomenon that occurs above the surface of the water, it can be above a lake or an ocean. The water trumpet or elephant trunk looks like a water trumpet.

But in reality, a water trumpet is a vortex that rises through the clouds. According to BMKG records, the tornado occurred due to the activity of cumulonimbus clouds or CB clouds.

However, not all CB clouds can cause a water bugle phenomenon. The water trumpet usually only occurs in a short time, less than 5 minutes, about 1-3 minutes.

But there is also water trumpet which is considered quite dangerous is a water trumpet that forms during a tornado. Some tips for travelers if they encounter the water trumpet phenomenon, try running or moving at a 90 degree angle to the direction of rotation of the trumpet to be safer.

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