A ranking of countries by the number of prisoners has been compiled

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A ranking of countries by the number of prisoners has been compiled

In the city-state in Italy on the territory of the Vatican Rome, which is the seat of the Pope, there is not a single prisoner.

Representatives of the Istanbul Academy of Criminal Law analyzed statistics on the number of people behind bars per hundred thousand of the population in different European countries. Data collected on Sunday 25 July published в Twitter.

Thus, according to the study, Belarus is the first in Europe in this list. There are 354 prisoners for every 100 thousand people. Turkey took the second place (335), the third – Russia (331).

According to the Academy of Criminal Law, the minimum number of prisoners among European countries is Iceland (33) and Norway (49).

In Ukraine, this figure is 148 prisoners per 100 thousand of the population. In neighboring Poland – 181, Hungary – 169, Romania – 116, Moldova – 182, Slovakia – 190.

There are only 21 prisoners in Monaco, and six people are behind bars in San Marino. Not a single prisoner is in the Vatican.

Let us remind you that in Ukraine have compiled a rating of prisons for the first time.

It is known that Ukraine is in the top 10 European countries by the number of prisoners in prisons. At the same time, the indicators of Ukraine in terms of the number of prisoners per 100 thousand of the population and the occupancy of prisons are not so high. Due to this some of the prisons decided to sell.

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