A rainbow film was found on the river near the Russian oil field: Incidents: Russia: Lenta.ru

A rainbow film was found near the Kharyaga oil field in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug (NAO) on the Kolva River. Told about this on his page in “In contact with” Governor of the region Yuri Bezdudny.

“Today, a rainbow film was found on the surface of the water of the Kolva River in the Kharyaga field. The subsoil user has exposed 150 meters of boom. Employees are working at the scene, ”the governor wrote, attaching two photos from the“ exercises of the past ”in this area.

Bezudny also instructed the Department of Natural Resources, together with Rosprirodnadzor and the environmental prosecutor’s office, to urgently investigate the situation.

The Kharyaginskoye oil field, discovered in 1970, is located in the vicinity of the Kharyaginsky oil settlement (NAO). It is one of the main sources of income for the Okrug budget, the geological reserves of oil are estimated at 160.4 million tons, in the contract zone – 97 million tons.

In early October, a lot of dead fish and sea animals were found in Kamchatka on the shore of Khalaktyr Bay. Later, they were found in three more bays, and the content of phenol and oil products was revealed in three areas of the Avacha Bay water area. Local surfers complained of corneal burns, nausea and skin reactions. Rosprirodnadzor did not rule out that the incident may have man-made reasons.

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