A quarter of a century ago, she charmed millions of men in The Mummy. Rachel Weisz is celebrating her 53rd birthday and she looks fabulous

You remember the beautiful Egyptian woman Evelyn from the film Mummy, portrayed by British film actress Rachel Weisz? She is celebrating her fifty-third birthday today, let’s remember her acting achievements!

Rachel Weisz (53) she started modeling at the age of fourteen and became interested in acting during her studies at Cambridge University. It was then that she also founded a theater group called Talking Tongueswhich won the award Guardian Award. Weisz has a rich acting career behind her and viewers know her from pictures like Mummy (1999), The enemy at the gates (2001), How about it (2002), A strong bond (2009) or from a more recent Marvel Studios film Black Widowheaded by Scarlett Johansson. Rachel Weisz is also an Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA winner.

However, her role as the charming librarian and enthusiastic Egyptologist Evelyn from the movie The Mummy, where she played alongside Brendana Frasera. Here he played the role of the daring adventurer Rick O’Connell. Due to the great success of this “lighter version of Indiana Jones” two years later, a second part was also released with the title The mummy returns. Again, Weisz and Fraser starred here, and he was the director as in the first part Stephen Sommers.

It was a surprise when Weisz did not appear in the third installment Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008). The official claim was that she had to take care of her newborn son. At this time, however, she starred in two more films, which casts doubt on this claim. There are assumptions that she had problems with the script at the time, so she decided not to continue with the third part.

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A new series is to be released this year Dead Ringers, where Rachel Weisz will star twice. In the series, they will portray twins who share everything together: drugs, lovers and an unapologetic desire to do whatever it takes. Viewers can remember the actress on March 16 at 22:05 on CT art in the comedy drama Youth from 2015.

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