A pulmonologist gave 7 tips on how to recover faster after coronavirus pneumonia

During general isolation, the kp.ru site organizes useful video lectures with leading experts from various profiles. One of them has become Candidate of Medical Sciences, general practitioner, pulmonologist of Sechenov University Vladimir Beketov.

One of the spectators asked the doctor to answer the question:

– How to recover from bilateral pneumonia? They were discharged from the hospital on March 19, but still have weakness and poor health.

Vladimir Beketov gave seven tipsthat may be useful to anyone who has had coronavirus or other pneumonia.

1. Immediately get ready for the fact that recovery from pneumonia is not a quick process. Any pneumonia is damage to the lungs, intoxication of the whole organism. Plus, as a rule, during pneumonia there is oxygen starvation, the development of respiratory failure. So the recovery will take some time. For all, it can be different – depending on age, general condition of the body, and concomitant chronic diseases.

2. Feeling unwell, severe weakness after pneumonia may be associated with iron deficiency. It is very actively consumed by the body during inflammatory processes. Therefore, I recommend to consult with your doctor about checking the level of iron and the appointment of appropriate drugs, if necessary.

3. Sleep is very important for recovery. You need to sleep more.

4. Try to eat fully: more fruits, vegetables, fish.

5. Ventilate the area more often.

6. Observe the humidity level in the room. For our respiratory organs, the optimum humidity is 40-60%. It can be measured using a hygrometer. If necessary, purchase a humidifier.

7. Vitamin D supplementation can help speed recovery, if your doctor considers it necessary to prescribe them.

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How to strengthen the lungs during the coronavirus pandemic ?.How to take care of the health of your lungs? During the coronavirus pandemic, this issue is more relevant than ever. One of the best specialists of the country will answer it – Vladimir Beketov, Ph.D. general practitioner, pulmonologist of Sechenov University



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