A publication that collects the life of Carvalho Calero in comic format presented in Ferrol | Radio Ferrol

He Torrente Ballester Cultural Center in Ferrol has hosted the presentation of the publication “Ricardo Carvalho Calero. Earth Heart“, a comic that reviews the life of the author to whom the Galician Literature Day 2020. The book of Through Publisher, shows a good part of his biography, from his childhood in Ferrol, university studies in Santiago, the Civil war and his time as a teacher in the city of Lugo, in the Fingoi College.

It also addresses the time when he was a professor at the University of Santaigo de Compostela (USC) and his commitment to reintegrationism, the problems that the Ferrol professor faced the time in which he had to live and shows what would have happened if the linguistic theses that Carvalho Calero proposed had succeeded.

During the presentation, in which the mayor of Ferrol gathered, Angel Mato, the head of the publisher, Valentim Fagim, and the author of the prologue, Xavier Alcala, have exalted the figure of Carvalho Calero and asked that his dedication by Galician Letters be extended to 2021 due to the special health circumstances of the country

The Ferrol ruled has assured that he hopes that in this mandate he can make reality “the dream of the rehabilitation of the birthplace of Carvalho Calero“, located in the Ferrol Vello neighborhood.

In addition, Alcalá has highlighted Carvalho Calero’s relationship with another prestigious world-class philologist from Ferrol, Ernesto Guerra da Cal, and has come to ensure that the treatment they received shows that “Galicia does not deserve figures of intellectual quality“of these two personalities.

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