A producer is going to refertilize the wheat with a liquid product: Can there be phytotoxicity?

Nicolas asks: Hello Gustavo. I have a wheat starting to turn white and I am going to fertilize it with liquid fertilizer. My question is about the phytotoxicity that drip fertilization can cause, is it the same with drops or without them? What would you recommend me, do it with a common spike (blasted) or with the spike that comes for wheat (3-hole pill)? Does it have any phytotoxic effect on the plant?

Response from Gustavo Ferraris: Hi Nicolas. The leaf area of ​​wheat is very tolerant of contact with fertilizers on the canopy. A very different behavior from that of summer crops such as corn or sorghum, which are very sensitive.

I have evaluated them many times, even sprayed and mixed with herbicides. Under normal conditions you shouldn’t have any problems. In any case, I would avoid applying on a day of very high temperatures, or low atmospheric pressure, which cause very rapid absorption. Likewise, it should not go beyond a slight markup, quickly reversible and without impact on yields.

Among the application options, I would choose the one with 3 peaks, since it allows a better distribution between the furrows, while diluting the punctual dose to 1/3 on each of the leaves. Thank you very much for writing me and the greatest success with the rain and fertilization!

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