A prisoner impregnated by a prison guard

Diourbel prison: An inmate pregnant by a prison guard

Women prisoners sometimes have intimate relationships with their prison security guards.

According to L’Observateur, this is the case at Diourbel prison where a prisoner named AK was impregnated by a prison warden.

AK, who was sentenced to 5 years in prison for infanticide, still wanted to try to kill her baby on the grounds that the maton refused to recognize the paternity of the child.

It was while she was preparing the stage manager’s meal that the officer took advantage of the chief’s absence to have sex with the inmate.

She was consenting because, she said, she had physiological needs.

These facts are common in Diourbel prison. In 1995, a prison officer impregnated a prisoner before marrying her.

Author: Seneweb News – Seneweb.com

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