A previously convicted man is being detained for stealing beer from a store warehouse in Baltinava

This week, a previously convicted man was detained for stealing 81 liters of beer from a store warehouse in Baltinava, Lāsma Kursīte, a representative of the Latgale Regional Office of the State Police, informed.

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She explained that the employees of the Balvi district received information on Monday morning that a warehouse in Baltinava had been broken into and about 81 liters of beer had been stolen from it. Garnadzis damaged the padlocks with a crowbar and entered the warehouse.

On the same day, a suspect was arrested – a man born in 1974 – who had previously been convicted of similar crimes. On Wednesday, the court remanded the suspect in custody.

Criminal proceedings have been instituted in connection with the incident. In accordance with Section 175, Paragraph 3 of the Criminal Law, theft is punishable by up to five years’ imprisonment if it is committed by entering a vehicle, apartment or other room, or if it is committed from a storage facility or facility connecting storage facilities. , forced labor or a fine with or without confiscation of property.

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