a powerful man from Europe is targeting Julián Alvarez

Its fabric is attractive wherever you look at it and promises to be highly sought after in this country market. Julian Alvarez wove a great present in River, arrived at Argentina Selection and managed to catch the attention of several clubs in Europe that, far from being afraid of him, they approach their environment with more and more enthusiasm. While Marcelo gallardo suffers from the possibility of losing another important piece in attack after the departure of Rafael Santos Borré al Eintrach Frankfurt of the Bundesliga, Aston Villa and Ajax expressed their interest in Araña these two heavyweights now add the Milan, looking for a strike partner to Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

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As he was able to find out Olé, Fernando Hidalgo, your representative, He is in Italy and this week he will have a meeting with people from Rossonero, team that was runner-up in the last A league -It was won by Inter, his classic rival- and that he will play the Champions League after seven years of absence in the contest that he won seven times. The team led by coach Stefano Pioli, is about to close the arrival of French striker Olivier Giroud, but the one born in Calchín generally seduces anyone in Europe. Although according to his inner circle calls from the Old Continent are repeated daily, no concrete offers have yet arrived, a situation could change in a matter of hours.

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Julián Alvarez will return to River after playing the Copa América with the National Team.  AFP.

Julián Alvarez will return to River after playing the Copa América with the National Team. AFP.

In addition to the plus generated by having the advanced procedures to obtain the community passport, sus 16 goals, 17 assists and the two Copa Libertadores finals that he has been on his back with just 20 years transform it, as defined by Bocha Batista, “In one of the best appearances of recent times.” And of course, MG himself was also in charge of highlighting it: “A player that the coaches love for his quality, generosity and mischief”.

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Julián was key in River's first semester.  AFp.

Julián was key in River’s first semester. AFp.

Although Milan is going to ask for conditions and Ajax is an expert club in incorporating young promises with the aim of polishing them and reselling them in top figures, from England they affirm that the team of the Draw Martínez is going to present a juicy proposal to Julián who would come quite close to its clause is rescission of 25 million euros, a figure that was stipulated (previously 10 million) when they renewed their bond until December 2022: Aston Villa would be willing to take out of the wallet around 15 million pounds (17,539,000 euros, approximately).

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With a market that in Europe only closes at the end of August, in River, with Gallardo at the head, they just pray that no one can catch the Spider …

The goals of Julian Alvarez in River



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