A popular e-shop wants its customers to save it. Otherwise, it may go bankrupt

In this difficult time, it is not only households that are getting into trouble, but also the traders themselves. They also have to deal with the consequences of various crises and in many cases they simply cannot handle it. A number of popular companies on the Czech market have already closed, and others will probably follow.

Interest in socks has waned

Currently, the very well-known Fusakle e-shop is fighting for its survival, which is originally from Slovakia, but has a large part of its customers from the Czech Republic. At the same time, it is very interesting, because its big competitor Dedoles, which also sells colored socks and underwear, also found itself in problems.

Both companies grew very quickly in the past years, and their owners apparently felt that such rapid growth awaits them in the future as well. And so they expanded heavily, hiring many employees and ordering supplies to the warehouse. But then the problems came and it was found that people are no longer stabbing to such an extent.

Fusakle is now struggling with a large amount of stock, in which they have a significant part of their funds. On the contrary, they lack free cash, which is necessary for the survival of every company. If it dries up, it means that the company cannot meet its obligations.

Photo: Fusakle

Help request

However, Fusakle wants to prevent this, so they turned to their customers for help. And repeatedly. According to the owner of the e-shop, Andrej Bartalos, customers should help the company by ordering goods. “Please support us with your purchase. Every order is vitally important to us,” states the e-shop on its social networks.

Fusakle understandably need to get rid of their surplus stocks and turn them into at least some cash. They therefore also support the appeal to customers with high discounts that you can take advantage of.

However, it is questionable whether this will be enough for the long-term survival of the brand. It turns out that similarly redundant goods sell well in times when people have excess resources, but are the first to be cut down in case of any problem. Colorful socks are nice, but in short they are a bit useless.

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