A poor FC Cartagena falls to Oviedo | Radio Murcia

Bad game for FC Cartagena at the Carlos Tartiere against a simple Real Oviedo but who managed to take the cat into the water with a goal from the penalty spot by Borja Bastón and another by Andújar on his own goal.

The albinegros jumped to Carlos Tartiere with Marc Martínez in goal; line of four with Delmás, Alcalá, Andújar and De la Bella; center for Bodiger and Tejera with bands for Gallar and Cayarga; with Rubén Castro and Ortuño at the top.

Oviedo was very strong in the first minutes with a shot from Obeng and a header from the same protagonist that Marc Martínez saved on several occasions. The whole carbayón dominated without danger. Ortuño in 38 with good control and shot from the half moon, although he was too focused, he presented Luis Carrión’s men.

Shortly after that Cartagena attempt, Borja Bastón saw the yellow for an elbow to Andújar, a card that should have been the second for a pointless tackle and not penalized on Delmás minutes before.

And at the edge of the break, a fight for a ball that came out of the baseline and fought by Obeng ended up touching Alcalá’s hand. Moment in which the first goal of the match came from the penalty spot and converted by Borja Bastón.

In the second part, the bad news for the Albinegros continued. Corner kick for the locals that ends in a new play in which Bodiger, slow and unconcentrated as in the entire match, failed to cover a cross that Andújar, trying to clear, introduced into Marc’s goal.

After the second of Oviedo, Carrión gave way to Neskes and Dauda by Gallar and Ortuño. Somewhat later he sold out the changes with the debut of Okazaki, Gastón Silva and Boateng, by Bodiger, Tejera and De la Bella. But it was not enough to generate scoring chances. A single header from Rubén Castro and forced in the final stretch can be counted in the second half.


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