A policeman got drunk like a Cossack, a man hit VIDEO

The director of the Lovech Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior, Senior Commissioner Stanislav Velikov, has ordered an immediate inspection in connection with a road accident between a car and a truck that took place early this morning in Troyan, involving an employee of the local Troyan Regional Police Department. Velikov has also prepared a proposal to the Minister of Interior for instituting disciplinary proceedings against the employee.

The press center of ODMVR – Lovech announced that upon arrival of a police patrol at the scene of the incident were found vehicles and a 39-year-old employee of RU-Troyan in a visibly intoxicated state. The 41-year-old driver of the truck was tested with a technical device and his test was negative.

The Troyanpress website has released a video of the scandal, which shows the driver of the car trying to persuade the person who caused the accident not to call the police, and after the arrival of the patrol from the video is heard:

“I’m filming it. He refuses to give for alcohol drunk on a hoe. He said he would give a blood sample. He jumps into battle. He pretends to be a karateka, kicks us. My bus is broken. The boss will fire me. If it’s someone else, you’d have buttoned it three hundred times. “

The press center of the ODMI – Lovech clarified that the police officer refused a test with a dredge and was issued a coupon for a medical examination. An act for violation of the Traffic Act was drawn up for him, his driving license and control coupon were confiscated.

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