A Pole beat a 20-year-old Ukrainian woman in a shop, others are watching the VIDEO

In Warsaw, a visitor to the Żabka store attacked a 20-year-old saleswoman from Ukraine. He hit the girl and threatened her, writes The Warsaw.

The incident happened on the evening of May 27, but right now video from surveillance cameras has appeared on the Internet. The publication notes that the attacker entered the store, paid attention to the country of origin of the Ukrainian worker, and then began to behave aggressively. The girl asked him to calm down and tried to prevent the theft.

Footage from the scene shows that the man hit the girl on the head several times. Two men watched all this, but did not intervene. Police are investigating the incident, but have so far refused to disclose details.

Earlier in Poland, a woman scolded a Ukrainian woman who works as a saleswoman in Warsaw. The conflict is said to have started over bread. The local resident did not like the product offered to her by the Ukrainian saleswoman.

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