A Pokémon GO bug creates Mutant Candies

Pokémon GO is experiencing a bug where Candies mutate to look different than they should. Is it happening to you?

After the latest updates, Pokémon GO is experiencing an error related to the Candy of pocket monsters. Several users are reporting showing a wrong look when capturing a Pokémon in the wild, which can cause some confusion when it comes to knowing how many are available.

The user redditingdogdad has shared it on Reddit, with a screenshot clearly showing the problem. For some strange reason, this error of Pokémon GO is causing his Candies to mutate to look totally opposite of Swablu Candies, and it is something that has been happening with any Pokémon. In fact, after this user’s post, there have been many who have joined stating that they suffer from the same problem.

It is to be hoped that it will be solved soon, but if by any chance you find yourself facing this problem, you should not worry. Although the Candies look different, they still work with the corresponding Pokémon. The failure is something more aesthetic than functional, fortunately.

And less bad! Soon it will be celebrated Pokémon GO Fest 2022 Final Event, and Niantic must have everything more than ready for it to go smoothly. Don’t know what this event is about? Here are all its details:


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