A plane crashes on the golf course: the occupants saved from the flames

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A tourist plane from Cahors crashed yesterday on the Luchon golf course. The three passengers were pulled from the flames by the restorer of the clubhouse, located on the golf course. A true miracle…

“These people were really very lucky, says Noël Bravo, president of the Luchon flying club. There was a landing management error and when the plane crashed, the three passengers could all have die burned! Fortunately, there was a witness who immediately came to the aid of the victims. This man deserves a medal, what he has done is unheard of!

This Friday around 10:45 a.m., a Robin-type tourist plane flies over the Luchon golf course. Jean-Eric Ferré, owner of the Fairway restaurant, is enjoying his late morning on the terrace of his establishment. “I heard the sound of a plane and as I was a pilot, I looked at where it was coming from, says the restaurateur. I was surprised because it was at a fairly low altitude… Then he Clinging to the top of a tree, it fell in the middle of the fairway, destroyed its landing gear and slid, finally crashing into the trunk of another tree.The aircraft immediately caught fire …

So I did what anyone else would have done, I ran like crazy. I saw three people who were a bit stunned, trapped behind the glass roof. I broke the window and managed to get the two passengers out. The pilot had a blocked leg. I managed to slip him into the passenger seat and a Luxembourg player helped me pull him out of the plane. ” “I was scared of my life, says Claire, his wife. I hurt myself and I’m on my wheelchair, I couldn’t help it! I saw him take the three people out with the fear that everything would explode, it was really terrible!” Three ambulances arrived on the golf course as well as a fire-fighting machine, placed under the command of the boss from the Luchon rescue center.”Seventeen firefighters were mobilized and the three people were directed to the Saint-Gaudens hospital center”, details Valéry Abo. Their lives would not be in danger despite minor injuries. de Montauban-de-Luchon has taken a municipal decree prohibiting access to the part of the golf course where the calcined carcass of the device rests.A gendarmerie investigation is underway to determine the exact causes of this accident.

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