A physical education teacher has sex with an 18-year-old. student after unbridled dancing PHOTOS

In Scotland, a former student claims to have had sex with his physical education teacher after drinking beer, wine, rum and shots at his prom.

The student, known only as Student A, testified in connection with a list of charges against teacher Melissa Tuidi, reports “Sun”.

According to the information, the teacher, who was 23 at the time, had fun with the students at the SWG3 nightclub in Glasgow before returning with them to the Premier Hotel in June 2017.

Former Glennifer High School physical education teacher in Paisley, Renfrewshire, danced wildly with students before sleeping with one of them, who was 18 years old.

Melissa Tweedy

The student told the Scottish General Board of Education (GTCS) a few days ago that he was “sorry” that 27-year-old Tweed was being investigated.

However, in his statement he admitted that he kissed the teacher in the hotel room before going downstairs to his hotel room and having sex with her.

The boy claims that Melissa Tweedy, who now lives in Dubai and works as a yoga teacher, stayed in the room during the night before leaving around 8 am the next day.

During the GTCS hearing, Student A stated, “We didn’t have any relationship before the ball. We didn’t have any relationship before. Melissa Tweedy was sitting at our table. She wasn’t drinking, I was drinking.”

After the ball, students booked rooms at the Premier Inn, which is within walking distance of the club.

Student A says, “I didn’t invite Tweedy to the hotel. I don’t know how she got there.”

After complaining about noise in the room, student A and the teacher are the only two who remain in the room kissing. Then they go down to the boy’s room and have sex.

Meanwhile, Tweedy told the school principal that she was at home when she was at the Premier Inn.

Scottish police have been notified of the incident and are investigating it. They found that no crime had been committed.

The hearing continues.

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