A Peek At Jeff Bezos’ IDR 1 Trillion House

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Founder’s House Amazon Jeff Bezos is now in the spotlight after it was estimated to be worth US$78 million or equivalent to Rp1.1 trillion (exchange rate of Rp.14,252 per dollar). Now the house is on the list property at an exorbitant price parallel to that of a number of celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, to Mark Zuckerberg.

Quoted from therichest.com, Jeff Bezos bought his home company, Maui Property. The new home adds to Bezos’ list of properties that are worth a total of US$500 million.

The property is located on a 14-acre estate on Maui and is surrounded by state parks, rocky lava fields, and is about 19 kilometers from the town of Kihei.

The area is known as the Carter Estate on the La Perouse Bay Property which consists of 7 islands and features a Hawaiian-style fish pond. Maui Property has never been listed on the stock exchange, so information about the company is quite scarce.

A drone photo captured Bezos’ home with an outdoor wood-paneled kitchen and a 65-square-metre swimming pool. The outdoor area has palm trees and offers sea views.

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Jeff Bezos bought the property from Colorado energy businessman Doug Schatz. Doug bought the property in 1996 from a business partner.

For information, Jeff Bezos also owns several luxury properties such as houses in Seattle, New York and Washington DC. He also owns a yacht worth US$500 million.

He also bought property at Jack Warner Estate in Beverly Hills for $165 million last year. In fact, the property became the most expensive ever sold in California history.

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