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A passenger train with an express train collided in Prague, hundreds of people were evacuated by the fire brigade. In college pedtm zemel lovk | Home


Prague In the cracks of Bchovice, a fast train collided with a passenger train without passengers. Several wagons derailed, firefighters evacuated hundreds of people. No one was injured in the accidents, but the people showed an acute stress reaction, said Jan Potov’s crackdown.

In Prague-B

According to Radka Pistoriusov, the Commander of the Railways, one of the commuter trains ran from the commuter train, which knocked down the same city in the afternoon and killed the hunter. The estimated code is a dog five million crowns. On the line, which is a bite of the corridor from Prague to Ostrava, trains drove by diversion. Restrictions on operation should last until Saturday morning.

Now there are those people who are not injured, but they have had an acute stress reaction, said Potov. Speaking of the Inspectorate, Martin Drpal said that a fast train in the direction above Szava collided with the so-called shunting part of a passenger train, ie with a set without passengers. First, this passenger train derailed.

During the Serbian period, only one of the three dormitories was passable in the city due to other accidents. In the afternoon, Pendolino was hit by a hunter who died in the city. The firefighters had to evacuate about 150 passengers from this train. The train that ran for them crashed into the waiting speed. According to Pistoriusov, there were about 200 passengers in the railway station, only a crew on the rail train. For people from all crashed sets, the evakuan space near the ndra was created. Travelers to it, leaving according to the railway, said firefighters. The passenger was taken care of by esk erven k.

the code on rough vehicles was sent for five million crowns. The code for the brazen will be sent and after the train was removed from the city of the accident, Drpal said. According to him, the evacuation pin and the circumstance of the accident will continue during the night and on the weekend.

Trains in the evening ran by diversion dog Vysoany and Lysa nad Labem or dog Maleice. Passengers could take the bus to public transport and only bus transport in the section of the ramparts – Prague-Bchovice – black bridge.

This is not the first train on the Czech Railways this week. On this, two passenger trains collided on a single-track line near Pernink in the Karlovy Vary region, the consequences were tragic in this case – two people died and another 24 were injured.



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