A passenger aircraft makes an emergency landing on a beach in New York.

People who walked this Saturday morning on the beach of Shoreham in Long Island, in the State of New York (United States) witnessed an impressive emergency landing. A plane tourist victim of engine damage landed violently on the sand before finishing its race in the water. Despite the shock, neither of the two people on board was injured, reports The Parisian.

A chosen one in the cockpit

The scene was filmed by a witness who posted the footage on social media. The spectacular video was then widely shared online. The event has interested the Americans all the more since the man who was piloting the small plane is not unknown. It is indeed Clyde Vanel, elected Democrat to the assembly of the State of New York. The same day, the politician mentioned his big fright on his Facebook account.

He took the opportunity to recall the importance of training pilots in emergency situations. “As I learned, I landed my plane in the nearest safe place trying to limit human and material damage,” wrote Clyde Vanel, who has been flying planes for a decade. “Follow the emergency procedures, it will save your life,” he said.

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