A Paris-New York flight in just 30 minutes in 2027 is possible according to Space X

Science fiction or reality? The latest statements by the American company Space X on the Paris-New York route leave you speechless. Invited to the microphone of RTL On Monday, September 12, Gwynne Shotwell, president of Space X, confirmed that long-haul flights aboard their Starship rocket could be organized by 2027. When the reporter asks her if a Paris-New York could be planned in five years. in less than an hour, the president of the company founded by Elon Musk replies without batting an eyelid a big “yes”. If this is not immediately the priority for Space X, these projects remain challenges that the company wants to take on. “This is definitely a possibility for our Starship rocket. For the moment we are focusing on the Moon, Mars but also on flights from one point to another on Earth, ”added Gwynne Shotwell. Among the journeys mentioned, it could therefore be that a Los Angeles-Shanghai journey takes 36 minutes, that it takes only 50 minutes to make a Syndey-Zurich journey, and that a Paris-New York journey takes about thirty minutes. And all at over 27,000 km / h.

However, according to the leader, it would be impossible, for example, to launch their Starship rocket from Charles de Gaulle airport to take it to John Fitzgerald Kennedy Airport. The company wants to launch its first flights from platforms into the sea, but this shouldn’t last long. “Once this technology is mature, we will be able to confidently predict land-based shooting and landing platforms,” ​​says Gwynne Shotwell.

The cost of such a trip is still a mystery, but Space X has certified that for the few hundred passengers expected per flight, they would do “everything to make these flights as smooth as possible”. In the meantime, fasten your seat belts, it may still shake!

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