A Paris firefighter in police custody for the rape of a policewoman

Through Le Figaro with AFP

A Paris firefighter was placed in police custody, suspected of having raped a policewoman Sunday morning in the Yvelines, said the parquet floor of Versailles Wednesday, confirming an information of Point. According to the first elements of the investigation, the police officer, born in 1981 as the suspect, was attacked while returning home. She screamed and struggled, sources familiar with the matter said, but her attacker got her way. A witness saw the scene but the man managed to flee, according to one of the sources.

The arrest of the firefighter took place at his workplace, according to the prosecution. The Departmental Security is seized of the flagrance investigation. The Paris firefighters, contacted by AFP, did not communicate immediately. In May, a Norwegian student accused members of the Paris Fire Brigade by accusing them of rape in a barracks in the 14th arrondissement, but none of them had been charged.


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