A paramedic nearly killed a 3-year-old child with a drug for high blood pressure

PHOTO: pixabay

A 3-year-old child from the Lukovit village of Rumyantsevo nearly lost his life after a paramedic injected him with a drug to relieve high blood pressure. Little Stelian suffered from an allergy to a certain type of hairy fruit. On Tuesday night, he drank fruit juice, from which he got rashes all over his body, said his grandmother Ani Ilieva. They called an ambulance in Lukovit, from where they sent an ambulance with a female paramedic. Mother Sarah and grandmother were impressed that she was too old. The paramedic gave the boy an injection and left. “She asked me to take her bag to the ambulance – she was tired. And when I came back I saw my grandson that clumsy. After two minutes he fell asleep. We pushed him, he didn’t react – we were terribly scared “, the grandmother remembers the stress she experienced.

Fortunately, there were two ampoules on the table and they saw that they were made of hoflazolin. “I have high blood pressure, I know what it is used for. We immediately called an ambulance, explained what had happened and went there, “said Ani Ilieva.

At the same time, her husband was in the hospital and heard the paramedic exclaim, “Male, I killed people’s children,” and she felt sick. However, she later denied giving the child such medication.

“The worst thing is that the woman lied that she put the necessary medicine,” the grandmother is angry. He plans to go and see if the ambulance camera’s frightened exclamation of the paramedic has been recorded. She also says that she will be tried for nothing, but because she did not admit the mistake, she did not apologize. Then she could get away with it.

At the moment, little Stelian is in good condition, but his relatives have been warned that 70 hours must pass before he is out of danger – otherwise he could fall into a coma. “We pray that the child recovers and that there are no other such cases – that’s why we announced it,” says Ani Ilieva.



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