A Number of Patients Cured Covid-19 Have Psychiatric Disorders

SUKABUMIUPDATE.com – Patients recovering from Covid-19 experienced higher levels of psychiatric disorders including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, insomnia and depression, according to a study conducted by San Raffaele hospital in Milan on Monday, August 3, 2020.

Surveys prove that half of the more than 402 patients who were supervised after undergoing Covid-19 treatment experienced at least one of these disorders in proportion to the severity of inflammation during illness.

Patients, 265 men and 137 women, were re-examined after one month in hospital. “It is clear that inflammation caused by the disease can also react to psychiatric levels,” said professor Francesco Benedetti, chair of the Research Unit group in Psychiatry and Clinical Psychobiology at San Raffaele.

The report was published in the scientific journal Brain, Behavior and Immunity on Monday.

Based on clinical interviews and self-assessment questions, doctors found PTSD in 28 percent of cases, depression 31 percent, anxiety 42 percent and insomnia 40 percent, and finally obsessive compulsive symptoms 20 percent.

According to studies, women experience the most anxiety and depression despite the lower severity of infection, according to a statement. “We hypothesize that this could have been due to different immune system functions,” Professor Benedetti said.

As a result, less serious psychiatric effects were found in inpatients than in outpatients.

The psychiatric impact of Covid-19 can be caused both from the immune response to the virus itself and from psychological stress factors such as stigma, social isolation and fears of transmission to others, he said.

These results will highlight concerns about the potential for debilitating health complications for patients recovering from Covid-19.

Early this August scientists warned of possible waves of brain damage related to the corona virus in Covid-19 patients.

Source: Tempo.co

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