A new Yamaha MT-10 on the way

Soon they could arrive new Yamaha MT-10 2022 and MT-10 SP, which will come with a substantial series of changes, including a more powerful version of the four-cylinder engine derived from that of the R1 and a new style (the previous version in the photos). To tell us this are the homologation documents of the bike, intercepted by the colleagues of Cycleworld.com, which reveal to us that the new MT-10 will enjoy a long series of modifications.

As mentioned, the engine remains the four-cylinder CP4 of 998 cc, derived from that of the YZF-R1, but will be updated to increase its performance. The peak power of the previous model was 160 hp, equivalent to 118 kW, delivered at 11,500 rpm and supported by a torque of 111 Nm at 9,000 rpm. In 2022 these figures increase, with theat maximum power that will reach 165.8 hp (122 kW) and the torque that will stabilize at 112 Nm, with both reaching the same peak regimes as before. Among the changes we expect to see a new exhaust system, which could be a major contributor to the performance increase. The extra power will help to increase the top speed, which goes from 245 km / h to 250 km / h.

Although there are no pictures of this new model yet, we know that the MT-10 2022 will have a new design and different size than the previous model. There will be an increase in wheelbase, from 1,400mm to 1,405mm, and the overall length will grow from 2,095mm to 2,100mm. As the dimensions of the wheels and tires will remain the same (120 / 70ZR-17 and 190 / 55ZR-17) the change in length may indicate a revision of the steering or suspension geometry. The width will remain unchanged at 800mm, but will slightly increase the height: from 1,110mm and 1,245mm. This suggests the arrival of a new instrumentation or a small windshield. Weight variation is also minimal, with each version of the bike weighing 2kg from the previous model: 212kg for the base, and 214kg for the SP, which should keep Öhlins electronically adjustable suspension.

Given the recent styling changes on the MT-09, MT-07 and MT-03 models, which now all have a single, small, headlight flanked by LED running light strips, the 2022 MT-10 is likely to follow. the same design. The other MT models have also adopted a revised style for the air intakes on the tank, integrating them with the tank and using body-colored plastic instead of contrasting black, so we would expect the same to apply to the revamped MT- 10.

Although we have not yet received official news from Yamaha regarding the new MT-10 and MT-10 SP 2022, the documents leave no doubt about their imminent launch. The new MT-10 could already arrive at Eicma 2021, scheduled for the end of November.



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