TRIBUNE – The neuropsychologist Francis Eustache evokes “a real heritage construction of the memory of the terrorist attacks” of 2015.

Francis Eustache is a neuropsychologist, director of studies at EPHE, director of the Inserm-EPHE-Unicaen neuropsychology and imaging of human memory (NIMH) unit, co-responsible with the historian Denis Peschanski of the “November 13th” research program “.

The attacks of November 13, 2015 were a trauma for the victims, but also for society as a whole, which is permanently embedded in our collective memory. The transdisciplinary and longitudinal research program (2016-2028) “November 13” is a real heritage construction of the memory of the terrorist attacks that bloodied Paris and its inner suburbs in 2015.

This scientific program integrates the continuous and nested nature of the results, to get closer to the shaping of memory in all its dimensions. For this reason, it is about the elaboration of a new science of memory based on the dialectic between individual memory and collective memory.


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