A New Virus Appears Again in China, Should RI Be Alert?


The finding of the Langya virus (LayV) which has infected 35 people in China has attracted the attention of an epidemiologist from Australia’s Griffith University, Dicky Budiman. According to him, the natural conditions in China are almost similar to Indonesia, so there is a possibility that the Langya virus or other viruses originating from animals (zoonotics) can threaten Indonesia.

“Well, if we talk like this, we must realize that Indonesia is one of the areas that has the risk of a new emerging disease, a new disease that is endemic. Because our nature is vast, rich, many of our animals are still wild, and our behavior in managing nature This is especially the case for breeders and farmers who are still traditional,” he said when contacted by detikcom, Friday (12/8/2022).

“This potential, this similar natural situation, must exist, not only the absence of the virus but also other viruses that are similar or even different,” he continued.



According to Dicky, the Langya virus in China most likely came from wild animals such as rats that infected farmers. Indonesia, which has natural conditions similar to China, may already have viruses from wild animals but have not yet been detected.

“And this is what tends to have the potential to become something called a spill over or a zoonotic virus jump from animals to humans,” he explained.

“Some of these cases have occurred, possibly, although they are not outbreaks, only mild cases. Why? Because as long as we are in close contact with animals, the potential exists,” he added.

Message to the Government

Dicky stated that the government has an important role in carrying out early detection to prevent new outbreaks in Indonesia.

“The important message, actually, is that it’s time to learn from this pandemic to improve, one, if we talk from the government aspect, yes, early detection of animal and human surveillance. It must be strengthened and it’s a big homework and it’s not easy, it takes time, at least a decade to build it ,” he ordered.

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