A new treatment for Covid easily available in the Loire

Researchers will study the effectiveness of this surprising remedy for a symptom of Covid. It would help relieve a sore throat by making it deflate: it is salt water. The University of Edinburgh launches a study.

More specifically, it would simply be gargling with salt water. It remains to be seen whether they could relieve patients with Covid. But they are already considered effective in reducing coughs, decongesting the nose and reducing the duration of colds. The famous proverb could then become false: a cured cold lasts 7 days, an untreated cold a week … In addition, gargles would reduce contagiousness.

The researchers then assumed that this grandmother remedy could provide a solution for patients with Covid-19. According to them, salt can boost the immune system. To arrive at this hypothesis, the researchers based themselves on the results of a gargle study, conducted last year, entitled ELVIS (Edinburgh and Lothians Viral Intervention Study), in which participants had to rinse the throat with saline solution.

Inexpensive, easy to implement, the study is about to begin. This new trial will be conducted on people residing in Scotland who have shown signs of the disease for up to 48 hours or who have recently tested positive.

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