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A new story event “Fallen Crown” has been released in Dota 2

As part of today’s Fallen Crown update, the developers have added a story event to Dota 2 dedicated to the journey of Skywrath Mage and Vengeful Spirit. It is available to all players for free.

PLAY. As you play during the event, you will receive tokens. Their type depends on the chosen hero.

TRAVEL. Use tokens to open paths on the event map, advance through the story, and earn rewards. Look out for special spots like the Token Exchanger’s Tent and the Candy Caravan!

REVENGE. Get treasures, candies, coins and more on your way to overthrow the evil Queen of the Empire.

The event provides several types of rewards received for completing the interactive map.

Hidden treasures. Act 1 introduces two treasure chests, containing a total of 24 new item sets. Some of them you will get just by playing Dota!

Bags of candy. Find Sisel and Quirt’s candy caravan on each event map to upgrade it and exchange candy for item sets, couriers, wards and more. (There’s even a chance to get an Arcana item!)

Event coins. Explore the map and get coins. Once you collect 10 coins, you can redeem them for approximately $7.99 off your next purchase from the Fallen Crown store. The discount is only valid on items that cost at least $7.99, and the exact amount varies by region and currency.

In the aforementioned Fallen Crown store, users can purchase new loading screens, emoticons, hero sets, and other rewards.

In addition, the event includes the “Between Paths Explorer Kit”, which can be purchased for $14.99 (1,400 rubles). It opens up access to side quests and special rewards. “In addition to free main story rewards, you will receive additional treasures, special creeps, Immortal items, completion rewards, additional event coins that give a discount in the store, and much more.“, reads the description of the kit.

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