A new storm is not ruled out for next weekend

In the Secretariat of Operational Control they will be attentive, although everything will depend on the rotation of the wind. This morning no more than 10 millimeters fell and there were no major inconveniences.

The head of the municipality’s Operational Control Secretariat, Ricardo Gaitán, stated that this morning “the strong water hit occurred between 12 and 1 and we had some problems in the Roca avenue channel, which is currently under construction; it was a slight overflow that was resolved in less than 45 minutes ”.

Civil Defense personnel monitored what was happening and when the wind rotated at 2 o’clock the storm passed. “We only had problems in one sector of the plant at kilometer 5; a flooded house in Restinga Alí and a couple of cases in Laprida. In the center the problem was that the tide was not low; then water accumulated at the height of the Lucania hotel ”, clarified the official in FM Del Mar.

“We had already delivered nylon to the neighborhoods and at Kennedy a piece of roof fell due to water seepage in a place where there was a service station long ago,” he added.

“As we anticipated, we were attentive to the crews and we went quickly. They had fallen 7 millimeters until 3 in the morning and I don’t think they have exceeded 9. What happens is that it fell suddenly, ”Gaitán said.

He later admitted that at this time “there is another alert for the weekend. We have a program that is modified according to how the wind rotates, so it is not safe ”. It was what happened this morning when ominous forecasts anticipated the fall of 20 millimeters that in the end only reached half.



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