A new species of lizard has been discovered… It flies and smiles

While investigating lizard populations in northeastern India, researchers discovered a new big-eyed, smiling species. The creature’s scientific name is ‘Gekko mizoramensis’, but scientists have dubbed these little lizards “parachute lizards” because of their habit of gliding from tree to tree.

Parachute lizards use leathery fins near their bodies and tails to glide through the air as they fly from tree to tree. Parachute lizards live in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand and Cambodia, but have also been spotted in India for the first time, according to the study.

Scientists have found that the lizards discovered in India are different from other parachute lizards, some of which can glide up to 60 meters. ‘Gekko mizoramensis’ are nocturnal and use odor simulations to protect themselves while flying. According to the study, this species is most active at dusk and catches its prey, which consists of insect species such as cockroaches and moths, at this time as well.

Researchers found this new species in India at an altitude of about 150 to 360 cm from the ground.

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