A new song for Kārlis Būmeisters – “In the Flood at the Flood”

This week, the musician Kārlis Būmeisters has released a new song “Palu bēgumā”, which in the planned song cycle follows the previously released recordings “Laiks tevi dedz” and “Kad lieti līs”.

“This is a very dear and unhurriedly perfected song for me, which reflects how much it is or not important for us – the citizens of the world – to wash the shores of our land like pebbles in the end like floods.

In a way, it is also a reference to my own daily life, which I have spent in recent years in one country with one foot. But for this musical impressionism, each listener is left with their own individual footprints, ”the musician explains the message of the song.

The author of the new song is Kārlis himself, but the song is based on a poem by Maija Kalniņa.

Guest musicians Kristaps Rullis (string guitar), Jānis Kalniņš (guitar), Raitis Aukšmuksts (drums) and Edgars Jass (keyboard instruments) also took part in the recording. The video version of the song was filmed by Valdis Krūmiņš.

Kārlis adds: “The work on the song began with lines of Maija’s poem, which I would allow to be supplemented both musically and textually. I hope you enjoy the result. ”


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