a new project competes with the Collectif Nantais, strong announcements this Monday!

Zapping But! Football Club FC Nantes: top 10 most used Canaries

The acquisition of FC Nantes is a subject taken very seriously in the Nantes sphere. Yesterday, information set fire to the powder. It was thus said that the association “À la Nantaise” was currently insisting on the establishment of a SCIC (cooperative structure of collective interest) in order to join in the fight for the redemption of the club.

This structure was rejected by the Collectif Nantais but already tested at SC Bastia and soon at Tours FC. A press conference would even be organized from tomorrow Monday at 11am to discuss the outlines of this new project. Alerted by the news, FC Nantes supporters tried to see more clearly about its viability. The response has been ringing out.

“Simple need to exist … No chance that this initiative will work, summarized The Prophet of the round ball, account well informed about the FCN. The association “À la Nantaise” would like to stand apart … in the absence of being heard on its project. Another small battle of egos …. ”Strange, for a Nantes community which claims to be united against all odds.

to summarize

Eager to join the fight with the Collective Nantais for the takeover of FC Nantes, the association “À la Nantaise” would have taken the lead in setting up a structure more suited to its new ambitions.


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