A new problem: Doctors do not differentiate between the flu and Covid

Two million doses of influenza vaccine have already been purchased for the vaccination campaign this season, given that 2,970,000 doses were purchased last year, sources from the Ministry of Health told News.ro.

The first 300,000 doses of vaccine should reach DSPs by the end of this month, and the vaccination campaign could begin on October 15, as is usually the case, or even earlier this date. Doctor Adrian Marinescu says that doctors do not necessarily distinguish between influenza and COVID19.

“Why should they be vaccinated against the flu, especially now? For several reasons. First of all, that no one needs to have a double infection with two viruses, which would clearly lead to a much more reserved prognosis, to have the flu, and Covid at the same time. Secondly, Romania is certainly not prepared from a financial and logistical point of view to have an influenza epidemic. Vaccination should happen as soon as possible, to prevent an epidemiological situation that could definitely be more difficult, and then we would have two problems, not just one.

Thirdly, it will be a diagnostic problem, when I have a symptomatology that can be valid for both diseases, I will have a management problem, because it will be difficult to choose the circuit, it will be the discussion with the differential diagnosis. , is an additional complication. I think the best option is vaccination, especially since we are talking about an influenza vaccine that we are practically used to and we have information every year, so there is no question that it is something new, nor to have signs question, as we have not had in the past years “, explained for News.ro the medical director of the Matei Balş Institute from the Capital.



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