A new move to eliminate the entertainment industry! Ban on “plastic face” actors in Chinese dramas is likely to be lifted and roles changed | Entertainment | CTWANT

The continental administration of radio, film and television has ordered a ban on plastic actors and Angelababy cannot get rid of the “plastic face” label. (Photo / Taken from IG / angelababyct)

The Continental Radio, Film and Television Administration made a new move to purge the entertainment industry and recently issued a “Five No Policy” to the crew, one of which was actually required to “not use plastic surgery artists “. After the news was revealed, netizens called Angelababy, Wang Yibo, Zhang Yuqi and three other big stars, and they may “disappear” in front of the screen in the future.

Since her inception, Angelababy has been suspected of plastic surgery and, to get rid of the “plastic face” rumors, she also asked a plastic surgeon to do an evaluation, confirming that she is a “natural beauty” and has never used a knife in the face.

Actress Zhang Yuqi, who was once captured by Zhou Xingchi and became popular thanks to her role in “Changjiang No. 7”, was ridiculed by netizens for the fact that her facial features had changed proportionately, not only was her expression unnatural, but her face also became stiff. Although she had indirectly denied the plastic surgery rumors, she was still insinuated. “Artificial beauty”.

In addition to female stars, famous male star Wang Yibo is also on the list. In 2019 he became popular at home and abroad with “Chen Qing Ling”. In the past, it has been pointed out that he had undergone nose reduction surgery, and it was suspected that his chin was inserted into a prosthesis. Recently, Wang Yibo is rumored to be buying sex and has been encouraged. Now that the “Five No Politics” has hit the streets, his acting career is likely to go downhill.

Recently, a mainland director publicly released a conversation with the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television stating that “strong color” dramas such as “Military” and “Public Safety” cannot hire performers. of plastic surgery. the news immediately sparked heated discussion. Indeed, in order to rectify film and television productions, last year the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television suggested boycotting the “gun culture of girls”, rejecting excessive makeup and the use of filters. , and even more cautiously hiring plastic actors.

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