A new family doctor in Putignano

Arianna Gasparro: “Less queues in the studio, more home visits”

Putignano Ba – There is a new family doctor in Putignano: it is Dr. Arianna Gasparro, 34 years old, graduated in Medicine and Surgery in Bari with a thesis on the assistance of ALS patients and general practitioner since 2018. Mother Putignanese, is married, has two children and lives in Turi, but for her Putignano has always been a second house.

Young but already with a lot of experience: from work in the Neurology department of the Polyclinic, to the medical guard, from Hospices to penitentiary medicine. An expert and promoter of breastfeeding, it was in the Putignano hospital that she began her experimental project “Liquid love”, which led her to take care of dozens of mothers. This project became a training thesis, and which it is still carrying out today by continuing to deal with support for breastfeeding mothers.

“General medicine – he says with conviction – is the first line of health care. The family doctor must know how to welcome, listen, propose, often console and follow his patient in the various treatment paths. “

What do you think are the strengths of a good general practitioner?

The figure of the family doctor is fundamental and precisely this delicate period is showing us how proximity medicine, the one next to the patient, at home, is the one that can change the history of a disease, the one that can make the difference. Today more than ever we see the value of a good family doctor, his presence, his passion.

How will your job change after this pandemic?

With simplicity. When a patient calls his doctor he responds. We need to be there and also call us to reassure ourselves that everything is fine. The patient must feel close to us. We have to take care of every need. Another need is to respect the precious time of our clients. We have to do everything we can not to leave them even for a minute in the waiting room or on the sidewalk in front of the studio, and we have all the tools to do it.

Do you intend to focus on communication tools such as the Internet and WhatsApp?

First of all, I intend to visit all my patients when needed at their home. Then of course I dream of a de-bureaucratization for general medicine, in which it is possible to spend less time in front of the PC and more time sitting next to the patient. There is a whole bureaucratic workload, I am thinking of the repeatable prescriptions, the prescriptions of drugs for chronic diseases, which can be streamlined, also thanks to the current IT tools. We can and must use all the new channels, telephone, mail, WhatsApp, and know how to use the electronic health record. You can go to the pharmacy directly with the health card without going to the doctor’s office to collect the prescription. This “gained” time not only avoids the queues for those who “only” need a prescription, but also allows us to dedicate the time necessary to answer all the health questions of our clients.

What do you expect from this new experience?

I enter Putignano on tiptoe, aware of the very delicate moment we are experiencing. I am here to share my experience and enthusiasm and to support the health of patients who want to choose me as their family doctor. From the age of six onwards, it is possible to register with the family doctor of your choice by going to the health register.

The Dr. Arianna Gasparro’s medical office is already operational, in via Stefano Senna 1 / A, open Monday and Thursday afternoon and Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday morning, but with ample availability by appointment throughout the day. For every need and information you can call the number tel. 320.6006074 or via WhatsApp.



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