A New Corona Virus Strain Appears in Brazil, Is There a Difference?

Suara.com – The new coronavirus strain A third Covid-19 has been identified after mutating in Brazil. This comes after the more contagious variants of the coronavirus were first discovered in Britain and second in South Africa.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he was worried about the emergence of a new strain of the corona virus in Brazil. In fact, the British government has taken tough measures to protect the country from infection a new variant of the corona virus.

His party has tried to avoid cases of infection with a new variant of the corona virus in the UK and from South Africa. However, the emergence of this new variant of the corona virus from Brazil raises other questions.

According to virologist Professor Tulio de Oliveira, the three new variants of the corona virus have the same characteristics, both those identified in Britain, South Africa and Brazil.

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“We know that B.11.248 (a new variant of the corona virus in Brazil) has a mutation that is the same as the variant in England and South Africa. It is also a mutation in the N501Y position,” explained Professor Tulio de Oliveira. The Sun.

Illustration corona virus Covid-19, surgical mask (Pixabay / Coyot)

According to him, the new variant of the corona virus in Brazil is one of the mutations with a fast transmission. Meanwhile, Japan reported mutations at the World Health Organization (WHO), as the country noted an increase in coronavirus cases in recent weeks.

However, it is still not certain that the new strain of corona virus found in Brazil has arrived in England or not.


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