A new controversial fairy tale: starring Hovnays from the Brno sewer

Podolský admits that he bet everything on a single card. “Poop is a topic that will attract attention. This is a controversial topic, but at the same time one that is a common part of everyone’s life. Every time people are born and die, they will go to the toilet. This is a matter that concerns all family members, including the youngest children, “Podolský explains.

The project called Hovnays, which is being created in the Podolský Břeclav studio, has several parts and the staff is also negotiating with television to broadcast its serial version.

The characters will move in it through animation. “They’re actually puppets without any mechanical skeleton inside. What was unthinkable in professional film so far works great here. These puppets have neither arms nor legs. Only things move around them, so that the audience feels like they are walking. It will be such a helpful and gentle grotesque, “smiles the author of the project.

Already, the staff members know that the serial version will always be specifically focused on a specific age group. “We tend to target adults. Their main character will be, for example, Kurt Puch dubbed by actor Martin Dejdar. In his Teleshitting, he will offer something other than shit. The model was Horst Fuchs, known from Teleshopping, “says the director.

The film version will then be of a purely family nature. “It is supposed to take place in the south of Moravia, specifically in the Brno sewerage system. Three families of poop meet here. One comes from the buttocks, the other from the kadibudka and the third from the canal. Families travel through the sewers in order to find a white porcelain flushing bowl, but they do not know if it exists at all, “Podolský explains.

However, Hovínka will also travel around the Czech Republic and show the most beautiful places in the country, or present recipes in a cooking program. The authors count on several language versions. German, English and Polish.

The band Three Sisters provided the musical accompaniment. Actors Martin Dejdar and Jaroslav Dušek lent their voice to the Hovnays. “For example, Martin Dejdar told us that he does not understand at all for what reason, but that he is definitely going with us,” laughs Podolský.

Hovnays already has its own website and Facebook page. The authors of the project are preparing Christmas specials and a stylish e-shop.

As Podolský emphasized, he is aware that they are now building a new phenomenon with unusual characters with the team. “The topic is taboo now, but it won’t be in ten years. We have a comparison with Krysáky, where we had ninety percent of negative reactions. We received an ugly news and allusions to how we could film a fairy tale about rats in a dump. And you see now. The rats with the voice of Bolek Polívka are among the most popular evening shows ever, ”compares the animator.

He defends the current topic. “There are things we don’t protect ourselves, such as severed heads, blood and so on. And this seems across the line to us? Bohumil Hrabal, for example, stated that beauty can also be found in shit. Jaroslav Vrchlický then had shit on his desk like a paperweight. This is simply something we must take into account as part of life. But we must not exaggerate either. After all, we don’t even intend to, “adds Podolský.


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